All Saints Church, Allhallows

080120121708_1Today in Allhallows, while on one of my regular walkabouts in the ward, I decided to take a closer look around All Saints Church. According to John E Vigar’s Kent Churches website, the church presents a late thirteenth century rebuild of a Norman original.

Unfortunately I was unable to take any photos of the interior of the church on this visit, but there are plenty of pictures and a comprehensive history of the church on the Triunity website, the website of the Parish of High Halstow with Allhallows and St Mary Hoo.

The one thing that did surprise me though today was the daffodils poking through in the church grounds, which were well on their way to flowering. While it may be a little early in the season, it was however nice to have a visual indicator that Spring is not so far away.

Now where did I put those seed catalogues…?


About Chris Irvine

Husband. Father. Libertarian. Glenman. Liverpool fan. Singer. Songwriter. Ulsterman. Glass half full kinda guy. Smoker.

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