Chatham Naval Memorial

Built after the First World War to commemorate those members of the Royal Navy who had no known grave, and extended after the Second World War, the Chatham Naval Memorial stands as a fitting tribute to the 18,000+ sailors who gave their lives in the service of our country.

The central obelisk, which can be clearly seen towering above Chatham, was designed to be a leading mark for shipping, and is duplicated in the ports of Plymouth and Portsmouth.

It isn’t until you actually stop and take the time to read through the thousands of names of those who died that the sheer scale of the casualties suffered in the two World Wars actually hits you. Sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, these brave sailors made the ultimate sacrifice for the basic freedoms so many take for granted today. We shall remember them.

For more information on Chatham Naval Memorial, visit the Commonwealth War Graves Commission website here. A transcript of the names commemorated at the site can be read here.


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