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Rochester Castle in the sun



Gallery: Sweeps Festival 2014 (Updated)

Rochester daisies

Created with Nokia Refocus

Taken with my Nokia Lumia 925 using the ReFocus app and edited in Fhotoroom.

A fine day in Medway…

The view over the river Medway from St Margaret’s Church, Rochester sure is hard to beat on a lovely Spring day. Taken with my Nokia Lumia 925.


Daisies at Fort Amherst

Taken with my Nokia Lumia 925 using the ReFocus lens and edited in Fhotoroom.

WP_20140409_2539 (1)

Rochester Cathedral

Beautiful! Taken on my Nokia Lumia 925 with no filters applied.


WP_20140403_765Taken with a Nokia Lumia 925 and edited in Fhotoroom.


Gallery: Symi, Greece

Located just North of Rhodes, the island of Symi, with it’s bustling harbour town and monastry at Panormitis, has to be one of the most beautiful places which I think I have had the pleasure of visiting. Here are a selection of photos which I took on my Nokia Lumia 925:

Gallery: Lindos, Rhodes

A small selection of some of the wonderful sights from the beautiful medieval town of Lindos, located in the South East of Rhodes. All photos taken with a Nokia Lumia 925.

More Nokia Lumia 925 Sample Photos

Another selection of recent photos which I have taken with my Nokia Lumia 925 to give you an idea of what this smartphone is capable of, this time with various filters all sourced from WP8-compatible photo editing apps- namely Aviary and Fhotoroom:

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